Teacup puppies characteristics

Teacup puppies characteristics

Tiny Stature, Healthy Bodies

Contrary to popular misconception, all puppies purchased from Cupid Puppies are incredibly healthy. For credibility purposes, it is mandatory for all our puppies to pass a physical exam performed by our certified vet and be at least three months old before being transported to their new homes.

It’s imperative to note that these precious gems require significantly more care and attention, and any teacup puppy purchased must be tended to like a newborn baby. Their fragile size and delicate nature influence whether their immune systems can be compromised. Their diet and lifestyle are also essential for a long, healthy life. Therefore, how these tiny fluffballs are handled, cared for, and who they meet are crucial for their overall well-being and development. Rest assured, the older your precious beauty gets, the stronger and healthier their immune system becomes, which allows them to live their best doggy life ever!  

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