Cost of Micro Adorableness: Priceless!

Cost of Micro Adorableness: Priceless!

At Foufou’s Puppies, we believe our high-end prices are justifiable based on the quality and rarity of our available micro teacup puppies. Our diverse litters are superior to our competitors for two significantly noticeable reasons:

  • For starters, our puppies are properly proportioned. Each one of our little divas and divos has thick, luxurious coats, fabulous baby-doll faces without tear stains, short legs, and stocky conformation. Their overall appearance screams exquisite quality, and their beauty exhibits flawlessly through all their photos and videos. Who doesn’t want to flaunt perfection?
  • Our puppies are NOT from puppy mills! Instead, all our micro teacup puppies are bred in a safe, clean environment and raised by professionally skilled puppy nurses who provide them with the constant care and nurturing they require from birth until they are ready to be adopted by a loving family.

Our mission at Foufou’s Puppies is to ensure all our adorable breeds are healthy and happy before sending them off to their new homes and owners. For us, their well-being and safety are essential for a long and wonderful life. Now that’s priceless.   

cupid Puppies is a reputable online retailer that promotes, sells, and delivers luxurious micro teacup puppies. These high-quality, purebred teddy bear-faced beauties are the most exquisite puppies you will ever lay eyes upon. Contact us to reserve your dream puppy or inquire about our upcoming litters!

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